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Lyallpur express is not only about fashion, but it meets the new trends and, comfortable designs, fine fabrics and pure fragrances especially designed to fulfill the demand of any individual. We offer range of perfumes, managed to fill the exotics of men nature and delicacy of women basics. We have gathered all the essence to come up with our ultimate room of collection.

In men’s wear we offer every thing that gives you a fresh and trendy look, while in women we make you feel more gorgeous. Keeping it simple, trendy and comfortable our clothing is all about quality of fabric.

Colorful bedsheets with floral prints and check designs, lining details and much more variety of bed sheets are available under our box. From bed spread to single beds and double bed sets, we have all to accommodate our customers. Linen bedsheets are best to have for a clean room look, decorate your room with our best bed sheets prints and comfortable stuff.

Be that as it may, preferring may frequently differ, and once in a while it gets hard to track down all the patterns under the umbrella of a solitary brand, at Lyallpur express we ensure that you get all what you wish for and we satisfy pretty much everything about need.

Lyallpur express has offered assortment of garments run both for male and female, discussing design, male and females have various inclinations in style, not justsavvy; additionally, every being orientation has further necessity of design.

We attempt to give a blend to all, something that can be appropriate for all the people out there, browse our free look to in vogue dress look, we offer range that is moderate and is anything but difficult to wear to everybody.

Materials have upset from being course and solid to delicate, rich and exceptionally lovely. Bed cloth by and large comes in two styles-level or fitted as referenced before. The fitted sheet is utilized first while setting up a bed; it comes fitted with flexible and must be utilized as a base “sheet’.

The flexible on the four sides keep the fitted sheet set up and covers the whole sleeping pad. The level sheet, generally rectangular fit as a fiddle is utilized over the fitted sheet; this bed material is all the more perfectly made as it is the top sheet. Fitted sheets are mainstream more today than before in light of the straightforwardness of utilizing, more individuals incline toward a sheet set with these significant pieces fused.

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